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Every investigatory case, surveillance operation and securities service has so many different factors and variables to take into consideration that it is impossible to provide a ‘set price list’ from the outset and costings would only be estimated once all the details of your individual requirements have been recorded. The cost of our service to you is dependent on many elements, such as the length of time you require an operation to run or the number of personnel you would need to be involved. INSIGNIS Investigations will always endeavour, as part of the consultation process, to be open and transparent about the cost when looking at the budget you have for the investigation you require.

Yes.  INSIGNIS Investigations uses Quickbooks for accounts and invoicing which allows customers to pay directly from their phone or laptop via card payment or PayPal, once their invoice is received.  An easier and faster service straight to your phone.

Using up-to-date technology and GPS tracking equipment, alongside previous military and police experience in this field, we are able to offer individualised surveillance operations catered specifically to your requirements whether this is in a covert or an overt manner. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large organisation or an individual. Once an operational plan is designed in cooperation with you, we are able to carry out both your long-term and short-term evidence-gathering surveillance assignments.

INSIGNIS Investigations does offer a tracing service and in most cases these trace requests are legitimate.  However, there are very strict data laws which we are compliant with.

There is often a requirement for INSIGNIS Investigations to establish a purpose and legitimate interest, once we have this in place we will commence the trace.

Another factor which we need to consider is consent.  In some cases, we will need to speak to the traced subject and request their consent to pass on their personal data to our client.  We always conduct these enquiries with sensitivity and will endeavour for a positive result.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, number ZA261900.

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