Stalking, Cyber-Stalking and Harassment

Don’t suffer in silence. We can help in all of the above situations to achieve an end to the stalking behaviour. You are not alone and where the police can’t help… we can!

Anti-Stalking, just one of the services we are good at. Many stalkers will devote hours each day to their stalking campaign and coercive behaviour and are capable of stalking their victims for many years and use multiple means of contact.

Let our private detectives turn the tables and give control back to you.

Stalking, cyber stalking and harassment can take place at school, within the work place and within Family relationships. It can occur in a number of forms but all forms of Stalking are used to take control and assert power.

Whether you are a victim of Overt stalking in the form of telephone calls / emails or Indirect Stalking in the form of spying, loitering or accosting we can help you. We can help you no matter who the perpetrator is including an ex-partner, secret admirer or an infatuated unstable individual. With your needs in mind, we will tailor our investigations to suit you and gather the evidence that you need to support the Police and put a stop to your suffering.

How can we help?

Turn the tables in your favour, take back control, turn the Stalker into the Stalkee.

Prior engagement with our clients will establish a pattern of events, we will use this intelligence to put us one step ahead of the stalker.  We can be there when he/she turns up at your home, work or a random night out, we will evidence whatever he/she does on video and preserve it for future legal proceedings and prove the Stalker pursued a course of conduct.

We can also conduct Protective Surveillance.  Protective Surveillance is a means of providing protection, on-going intelligence and Risk Assessment via Surveillance, both physical and electronic. Protective Surveillance is ideal as it is can be used in sensitive situations but it is not intrusive or inappropriate.

Helping you to preserve all the evidence, phone records, diaries, physical objects, messages and gifts.  We are ex-police officers and are well prepared at preserving and producing admissible evidence for you at court.

We can provide you with logs where you can record everything that is happening, including times, dates, and details.

If you have been assaulted or a victim of criminal damage, we will be able to photograph the injuries or damage and record them correctly as exhibits.  Furthermore, we will be able to take a witness statement from you, and any other witness to the crime, so that you can use the statements in legal proceedings.

An essential tool in the everyday collection of evidence is an Investigator’s skill in committing to paper the experiences and observations of a witness to an incident.

Our Investigators are ex-police officers and have mastered the art of taking statements from witnesses, defendants and indeed themselves.

Commit to paper your evidence, which is signed by you to confirm that the contents of the statement are true.

You may or may not be aware of your stalker’s previous relationships.  We can trace the Stalker’s ex-partners and speak with them to determine if the Stalker has any previous bad character traits.  Evidence of past crimes, domestic abuse or harassment will only strengthen your case at court.  It may also help someone else come forward as a character witness in support of your case.

We can advise you how to obtain a Court Order against the individual. We will even personally serve that Order upon the Stalker on your behalf.

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