GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Tools are used in a number of scenarios, to track vehicles, assets and luggage.  A useful tool in modern surveillance techniques is the Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker, these are particularly useful in matrimonial issues that INSIGNIS Investigations offer. We have several of these hi-tech devices, and when used correctly and lawfully, can be a very good way of gathering intelligence and also as an operational tool, whilst carrying out surveillance which INSIGNIS Investigations offer.

How can we help?

In certain circumstances you may be able to allow you to have access to a password protected live tracking database which has accuracy to within 5 metres every 5 seconds, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Our trackers are unlike any other on the market.  They have a unique ability to protect a wide range of assets, from vehicles to luggage, they give complete reassurance.

With transmitter and receiver capabilities our trackers are able to allow you to find your asset, even without the device obtaining a GPS position.

Tracking information can be used very successfully as secondary evidence to back up the surveillance video evidence and photographic evidence as GPS locations are downloaded and saved.

Create alerts direct to your mobile phone when a tracked vehicle enters or leaves a designated area. This is particularly useful if you suspect that the driver is entering an area that they shouldn’t be, for example breaching bail conditions or meeting an old flame.

View the vehicle’s location and route with a direct link to Google Earth and Street View.  Download the information to PDF or a spreadsheet.

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