Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Fraudulent Insurance Claims are a growing problem in the UK and it is common. INSIGNIS can investigate any suspicious or potentially fraudulent claims.

INSIGNIS Investigations will Insurance claims investigators plan and execute investigations into insurance claims related to bodily injury, liability, property damage, medical, worker’s compensation and more.

INSIGNIS has many years’ experience is surveying the scenes of accidents, taking statements from the insured or independent witnesses and the preparation of covering reports. We would also include Personal Injury and Industrial Injury Statements.​

How can we help?

We can obtain and present evidence which will be admissible at court, that will help prove your case. Video Evidence / Photographic Evidence and Witness Statements can all be provided as required.

Investigating cases which includes gathering and presentation of evidence relevant to the case using multiple sources such as linked databases, internet and full scale searches of external source information that may not be readily available including telephone interviews.

INSIGNIS Investigations can conduct scene-based investigations to record and gather the available physical evidence, prepare scene plans and undertaking time and distance studies. We can obtain details regarding the background and circumstances surrounding the incident by interviewing people associated with the incident, review Police reports and other documentation that may comprise photographs, plans/drawings, operating manuals and maintenance records.

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