Private Investigations

Private Investigator – Detection and Evidence

INSIGNIS Investigations can provide various private detective services on behalf of private, legal and corporate clients from around the world, and have physically conducted investigations at home and abroad.

With over 20 years’ experience within the Private Detective and Investigation sector carrying out even the most complex of investigations, by instructing us to carry out a private detective service for you or the company you represent, you can be rest assured that your case will be dealt with discretely and efficiently.

Private investigators are often hired when questions need answered and there is nowhere else to turn. We are not superheroes, we will not break the law, but INSIGNIS will be your personal detective and be professional and honest with how we will obtain answers to your questions.

How can we help?

Tracing can cover many aspects, but it is really as simple as locating somebody whom you have lost contact with for a number of possibilities. Debtors, absconders, previous employees, abandoned tenants, defence witnesses. We can help you recover monies owed to you, find a missing loved one or help trace a missing link in an investigation.

Do you need an answer to a question but you are unsure how to find it out, or don’t have the time to invest in finding it out? Give Insignis a call and arrange a free consultation with one of our investigators, We offer an honest and reliable service and we tailor investigations to your specific needs.

Our Private Detectives are Ex-Police and Ex-Military, they are well trained and experienced in how to conduct all types of investigations, gathering evidence and preserving evidence.  They will leave no stone unturned in finding out the truth.

Our investigators use professional digital photography to capture images and video.

Based on our values of integrity, professionalism, and sensitivity, we act for our clientele: solving their difficulties, preventing costly problems and delivering solutions in difficult circumstances. We commit to being tactful and supportive, but when it comes to investigation, we’re ruthless and demanding – we keep going until we’ve got the facts for our clients.

Those nagging questions regarding the care of your children and loved ones are natural. You have entrusted the care of a nanny, au pair or carer but how do you know they are doing the job they are entrusted to do? We can put you at ease and find out exactly what your nanny or carer is doing.

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