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Public Sector Investigations and Services

Our Public Sector Services are designed to assist local authorities, central government departments, non-departmental public bodies and organisations.

Our Vulnerability Assessments and Crime Risk Management Assessments identify issues that you face, whether that be in crime, disputes, mismanagement or fraud.  Our aim is to minimise your losses and resolve disputes through effective and efficient investigation.

Our focus is on the quality of the work that we undertake, our experience in handling disputes or investigations of all types means that we can provide support in any of the following areas and help you bring a successful conclusion:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Tracing (People & Location) & Status Reports
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Vehicle Investigations
  • Fuel Theft
  • Court Attendance
  • Process Server (Statutory Demands, Winding up Petitions, Bankruptcy Petitions).
  • Property Security Assessments
  • Consultancy

How we can help?

A Vulnerability Assessment may be conducted on behalf of a range of different organisations, from small businesses up to large regional infrastructures.  It is especially important that companies and organisations define threats, identify assets and mitigate any potential undesired event.

With today’s global marketplace, companies cannot afford to tarnish their reputation with a public security incident. Companies can suffer major financial losses if a security incident is encountered in the business. The fear of revenue loss should motivate companies to begin taking proactive measures against vulnerabilities in their infrastructure.

Our experienced Vulnerability Assessors will:

  • Define the threat
  • Identify assets and prioritise them by consequence of loss
  • Mitigate or eliminate the most serious threats for the most valuable resource

Threats exist both internally and externally and may be physical threats or cyber threats.

We will help you address the highest risks to protect your assets and implement procedural changes or other risk management alternatives for lower risk assets.  The decisions about which combinations of probability of attack and consequence of loss represent the highest risk are a reflection of your risk tolerance.

Through proper and thorough investigation and by using the best surveillance system, we can know what had happened or what is happening in reality. Surveillance can not only be used as a tool in proving the guilt of a person, but it can also be used to exonerate a person as well.

For example, fly-tipping figures have fallen in England for the first time in five years but it’s still happening across the country on average 2,700 times a day, Councils recorded 997,553 instances of illegal dumping during 2017-18.  Our Private Investigators can carry out covert investigations in order to track down the perpetrators and produce evidence to you that can bring about a prosecution.

Read more about our Surveillance by clicking here.

Our Mystery Shoppers are able to observe and measure customer service, product quality and general environments of the establishments.  We are also able to make purchases and file reports on our experiences and findings.

Through conversation with employees and asking appropriate questions we are able to find out information regarding products, staff or any other enquiry which will help you rate the level of customer service or evidence any offences.

The information which we supply through the Mystery Shopper will help you develop, monitor and alter approaches to customer service or provide you with a level of proof required for a successful prosecution.

All reports are filed within 24 hours.

Our Fraud investigators perform investigations of fraudulent acts that result in the receipt or appropriation of public, insurance or government funds. Our Investigators will work with you if you suspect fraudulent claims for reimbursement.

Fraudulent cases may involve worker’s compensation, staged accidents, welfare, taxes, social benefits and property damage.

Our Investigators are happy to work with your claims examiners to put an end to fraudulent claims at the start of the process.

During our investigative work, we analyse government and insurance databases to ascertain background information on claimants, witnesses and potential accomplices. After collecting electronic information, our fraud investigators visit and interview claimants. If deemed necessary, we may also perform surveillance work, going undercover to obtain information not otherwise accessible from databases and interviews.

There are many reasons why a person may need to be traced, we understand the devastation to companies and individuals that missing payments by debtors or ex-tenants can cause.  In order to recover any funds then you will need a current address.

We trace hundreds of debtors for all sorts of different people and businesses. Be it overdue agreements, absconding tenants, CSA tracing, non-delivery of goods, et cetera!

To start a debtor trace simply request our enquiry form or call us direct to get your debtor trace underway.

Following a successful trace, if you have legal papers to serve then we also offer a Process Serving Service by approved agents.

Our experience in the field of investigation includes time served as Police Officers.  We understand that a court appearance is often daunting and unsettling.  This is why our investigators will spend time and effort, prior to court, in providing you with the evidence that the court requires to bring a successful prosecution.

If we are called as a witness to provide further evidence we will do so with confidence that we have conducted our investigation exemplary, and answer any cross-examination with sincerity and honesty.

Our professional and efficient Process Server service will ensure personal service of the documents within days.

We are members of the Association of British Investigators endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales, and so we pride ourselves that our customers choose to partner with us because of our high standards, our professional integrity and discreet and our discreet ability to get the job done.

Our fixed fees guarantee at first service attempt within 24 hours, and two follow up visits as standard when required. Once service has been effected we will, of course, complete the relevant Affidavit, Certificate of Service, or Statement of Service. You will naturally be kept up to date on all matters.

Why Choose us as your Process Servers?

  • Full UK Coverage
  • Quick Turnaround Times with first attempt within 24 hours
  • Fixed Fee Service from £95 (includes up to three attempts at one address)
  • We are fully insured, registered with the ICO and proud members of the ABI.

Visit our Process Serve page by clicking here.

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