Best Surveillance System

INSIGNIS takes experience from service within the British Army and Police where evidence that was gathered was used in court proceedings.

We have conducted successful covert surveillance operations across the world, for private clients, for corporate clients and for foreign dignitaries.

Surveillance is a key component to many investigations and it is used to gather truth, whether it be marital infidelity or employee dishonesty, a surveillance investigation reveals anything and everything a person is trying to hide from society.  It is used to know the whereabouts of an individual, to confirm the reliability of information, to better obtain information or to locate people.

Through proper and thorough investigation and by using the best surveillance system, we can know what had happened or what is happening in reality. Surveillance can not only be used as a tool in proving the guilt of a person, but it can also be used to exonerate a person as well.

How can we help?

Sometimes it is necessary to undergo mobile and static surveillance during an investigation, in order to determine the truth.  We conduct this type of surveillance in complete secrecy, where not only the target is aware of our presence but the general public too.

INSIGNIS has investigators from all backgrounds that can blend into any situation as required.

There are many reason why we put people under covert surveillance but essentially we need to monitor and record:

  • Where they go
  • What they do
  • Who they meet
  • When did they do it
  • How did they do it
  • Why they do it

Highly trained and with the latest technology, our investigators will gather the evidence so that you can continue with legal proceedings as required.

Espionage, fraud and theft are increasing problems for industries where counterfeiting and intellectual property rights are at risk along with the loss of products and raw materials.

Counter surveillance has become an occasional necessity for many companies, especially in areas where international fraud and the grey market are destroying profits.  We carry out counter surveillance in order to detect that a person is under surveillance and to identify the composition and makeup of a hostile surveillance team.

Technical surveillance counter-measures are highly specialised activities and we have a dedicated resource that our clients can call upon.

Today, especially in public areas, people feel the need to be protected and people expect cameras and security staff to feel safer by their deployment.

We can overtly deploy cameras to protect infrastructure and public spaces, and human presence as a helpful, friendly and reassuring addition.

Overt Surveillance can be used to be ‘make it obvious’ to someone that they are being watched, to prevent them from carrying out certain illegal actions or breaches of agreements.

Quickly and easily deployable, drones are used to assist our surveillance operations.

With views of the ground otherwise unobtainable, our drones can capture footage covertly for use as evidence, or assist in mapping out operations, terrain and security perimeters.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) allow our agents to quickly make decisions with detailed knowledge of their environment.​

We can:

  • Locate people (by watching their haunts or associates)
  • Obtain evidence of a crime or unauthorised activity

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